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Table of Contents:VOL. 161, NO. 4 - March 22, 2010
Cover story
Meet the new face of business leadership
Meet the new face of business leadership
Why companies like Wal-Mart, PepsiCo, and GE are recruiting the military's elite. By Brian O'Keefe 
The World's Most Admired Companies
The World's Most Admired Companies
Building a sterling reputation in good times is hard enough; keeping it in tough times is almost impossible. Here's how the All-Stars do it. By Anna Bernasek 
The list of industry stars
Sure, admiration from consumers and executives in other industries is great, but the true test of respect is approval from the competition. Our annual ranking of corporate reputations. 
The fall of a Wall Street highflier
Lehman Brothers' onetime CFO Erin Callan was a media darling who soared, then crashed during the financial crisis. What happened to her? By Patricia Sellers 
The iPad changes everything
Will Apple's tablet usher in a new era of computing, or simply dominate it? By Michael V. Copeland 
Firing the $70 billion man
Money manager TCW ousted its star investor Jeffrey Gundlach, accusing him of everything from theft to keeping drugs and porn in his office. He says it's the company that played dirty. By Mina Kimes 
By the numbers
In Chile, 66 antennas that will form one of the world's largest telescopes. By Doris Burke 
Closer look
A new bill paves the way for the world's longest ethanol pipeline. By David Whitford 
Washington watch
The state of the bailout. By Jia Lynn Yang 
The briefing
China's garlic bubble, cable bill shock, and more. 
The business life
Larry Ellison's plan for the America's Cup. By Adam Lashinsky 
The king of Pebble Beach. By Jessica Shambora 
The future is now
Smartphones embrace "augmented reality," digital information layered on your screen. 
Software that saves money - and lives. By Jon Fortt 
Star tech
Social media meets retailing. By Jessi Hempel 
The great debate: Online video at work. By Jon Fortt and Michael V. Copeland 
Brainstorm Green
Backyard nukes. By Brian Dumaine 
The chartist
Cellphone gridlock. By Scott Cendrowski 
The way we work
How to become an exec-for-rent. By Jena McGregor 
Make your next presentation a home run. Expert advice from Mellody Hobson. By Beth Kowitt 
Second Act: Bob McLeod
My new partner: my wife. By Beth Kowitt 
Field test
Are you a good fit for your job? By Jennifer Reingold 
Mr. Distress is ready to buy: a Q&A with Wilbur Ross. By Katie Benner 
Buy or sell?
Analyst face-off: Is Ford a bargain? By Scott Cendrowski 
Wealth adviser
Your financial planner may be telling you what you want to hear, not what you need to know. By Stephen Gandel 
Anatomy of a trade
Why Bob Turner is still buying Apple shares. By Michael V. Copeland 
Can you learn to be an entrepreneur? By David Whitford 
Best practices
David vs. Goliath: Prospering in the shadows of industry-dominating competitors. By Jessica Shambora 
Verne Harnish
My best advice for growing your business. By Verne Harnish 
How I got started
Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS Shoes. By Jessica Shambora 
China knows how to grow. We will see whether its companies can innovate.
By Michael Elliott 
Shocked by Wall Street's role in the Greek debt crisis? Welcome to the real world of finance in 2010.
By Allan Sloan 
Toyota. Boston Scientific. Big banks. Why so many companies can't say "We're sorry."
By Becky Quick 
Most Admired companies invest in people and keep them employed - even during a downturn.
By Geoff Colvin 
Obama's new adversary
Obama's new adversary
By Shawn Tully 
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