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Table of Contents:VOL. 161, NO. 8 - June 14, 2010
Cover story
Our 2010 Retirement Guide: You Can Still Win
Are you worried? It's time for a new plan. By Geoff Colvin 
The top picks from 25 great investors
The money managers with the best track records give their top stocks. Plus: Four smart bond plays and three undiscovered mutual funds. By Scott Cendrowski, Michael V. Copeland, and Mina Kimes. 
The senator who wants to save your retirement
Herb Kohl is working to fix target-date funds. By Katie Benner 
Robert Arnott's magic formula
His new approach to indexing has trounced the markets. How does he do it? By Shawn Tully 
Brazil and India emerge
Where to invest when so many markets are uncertain. By Tim Gray 
The anti-aging revolution
There are now drugs that promise to extend life. What's needed: a way to get them to market. By David Stipp 
Five great places to retire
With prices falling, now could be the time to score a sweet second home. By Beth Kowitt and Melanie Lindner 
On to the next thing
Retired, but the music never stops. By Brad Nelson 
Closer Look
Web 2.0: The party's over. By Jessi Hempel 
The world's most admired companies
Singapore Airlines. By Scott Cendrowski 
The math and science challenge. By David A. Kaplan 
Cuckoo for coconut water, the risks of remote working, and more. 
The ultimate outdoor grill. By Shivani Vora 
Brainstorm Green
A motorcycle on a mission. By Brian Dumaine 
The future is now
Touchscreens touch back: Haptic technology uses vibrations to provide feedback to users. 
With the economy growing, CEOs want chief information officers to help with marketing and sales. Let's see if the techies are ready to step up. By Jon Fortt 
Facebook for business: Can a corporate "social" network really help employees get their work done? By Jon Fortt and Michael V. Copeland 
Venture firm Foundation Capital is winning big with its prescient bets on enhancing energy efficiency. By Adam Lashinsky 
The way we work
Many senior-level job seekers spend hours a day applying for positions on the major online job boards -- only to get little feedback and fewer offers. Here's why. By Jena McGregor 
Field test
Hiring, firing, motivation, management: We covered all of that in my two days at the training arm of Zingerman's, the famous deli in Ann Arbor. By Vickie Elmer 
I retired. Now how do I unretire? Expert advice from Ken Dychtwald. Interview by Beth Kowitt 
100 best companies to work for
REI is one of the most progressive companies around when it comes to gay employees. By Christopher Tkaczyk 
Worried about the violent swings in the stock market? Here's the advice I give my own family.
By Allan Sloan 
A fresh look at immigration: What happens when the "best and brightest" leave home?
By Michael Elliott 
C-suite Strategies
What's next? After historic market tumult, Vanguard chief William McNabb sees pain -- and hope -- for future retirees. Interview by Geoff Colvin 
The Millionaire Boys' Bank
A group of Merrill alumni and other bigwigs have founded a private bank, to provide good service -- and profits. By Carol J. Loomis 
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