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Table of Contents:VOL. 162, NO. 5 - September 27, 2010
Cover story
Meet the CEO of the biggest company on Earth
Wal-Mart's Mike Duke. Will his colossal company be the first to hit $500 billion in sales? By Brian O'Keefe 
The fatal deal
Six men died in a power plant explosion. How did three partners with limited experience land the project -- and get financing from Goldman Sachs? A tangled tale of politics and power. By Katie Benner 
The business of style
Retail's next billion-dollar plan: How designer Michael Kors has nailed the retail formula for the times. By Sheridan Prasso 
The evolution of cheap chic
More than 100 brands have gotten in on the high-low game, offering stylish design at affordable prices. This year new launches have dipped. Bad economy? Or trend fatigue? By JP Mangalindan 
The new luxury
The recession hasn't killed the good life entirely. Meet the iconoclasts who are redefining the meaning of luxury. A Fortune photo essay. Photographs by Ben Baker; Text by Jessica Shambora 
Vernon Hill is the best damn banker alive (just ask him)
The impresario who upended retail banking in the U.S. is taking his show to London. By Shawn Tully 
C-Suite strategies
Ernst & Young CEO Jim Turley talks about regulatory reform, tax policy, and more. Interview by Geoff Colvin 
3M's innovation revival
How the company got its mojo back. A Fortune 500 Series feature. By Marc Gunther 
By the numbers
Gadget gluttony. By Katie Benner 
Closer look
The collective wisdom of online fashion gamers. By Jessica Shambora 
New rules imperil for-profit colleges. By David A. Kaplan 
The briefing
When good bosses go bad, Wall Street vs. Facebook, and more. 
Genevieve Bell, Intel's cultural anthropologist, helps the chipmaker analyze a complex system: humanity. By Michael V. Copeland 
The algorithm of love: Online matchmaking hooks up with predictive software. By Jessica Shambora 
Brainstorm green
Madison Avenue warms up to electric cars. By Brian Dumaine 
Should you buy Apple stock?
An epic string of hits, a soaring share price, and analysts' predictions of a continued rise. What could possibly go wrong? By Scott Cendrowski 
The way we work
Undercover boss: Four top executives take jobs on the front lines of their companies. 
Acing the interview: expert advice from Bill Byham. By Beth Kowitt 
Making mortgage payments on loans underwater? You need a break.
By Allan Sloan 
Predictions of the economic demise of Europe.
By Michael Elliott 
On the deficit: Fiscal hawks and doves need to make peace.
By Becky Quick 
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