Table of Contents:VOL. 164, NO. 3 - August 15, 2011
Cover story
Inside Pfizer's palace coup
Did CEO Jeff Kindler get pushed out because he was shaking up the dysfunctional pharmaceutical giant or because he was an ineffective leader? By Peter Elkind and Jennifer Reingold, with Doris Burke
The enforcer
U.S. attorney Preet Bharara developed a sense of right and wrong at a very early age. Which is too bad for Raj Rajaratnam and countless others.By William D. Cohan
EOG's big gamble on shale oil
The Houston company made a bold move away from natural gas. Will its good fortune lead to more riches?By Jon Birger
Startup stars
The IPO market is heating up, offering new opportunities for investors, like LinkedIn and soon Groupon and Zynga. But what about those not-so-famous, small, innovative companies? Fortune has profiled 11 planning to go public - or rumored to be.
By the numbers
A city in the sea: Urban development in Abu Dhabi. By Alex Konrad
Closer look
How China hurts its own economy. By Bill Powell
The chartist
Who's most in debt? By Brian Dumaine
The briefing
Another chapter in the Bear Stearns saga, Chrysler revs up, and more.
Executive Dream Team
Technological change and profit-minded CEOs call for risk-taking marketing chiefs. By Jessica Shambora
The Forbes family's big deal causes big trouble
After default, emergency restructuring was needed to satisfy lenders. By Katie Benner
Brainstorm Tech 2011
At its annual conference in Aspen, Colo., Fortune assembled more than 400 executives and entrepreneurs for smart talk on tech, the economy, and more.
Analyst face-off: First Solar
Can the shares of the solar-panel maker still shine? By Scott Cendrowski
Mutual funds
Should you trust a fallen star? By Scott Medintz
Wealth adviser
Having a will isn't enough.By Janice Revell
Behind the Murdoch scandal? Scandalous governance.
By Geoff Colvin