Table of Contents:VOL. 164, NO. 10 - December 26, 2011
Cover story
Investor's Guide 2012
Where do I put my money now?
Our man's solution to markets in turmoil: Stick with simple and boring. By Allan Sloan
Expert roundtable
Five of the world's top money managers share their best advice.
Ten best stocks for 2012
Reliability and income matter more than ever. By Jon Birger
A hedge fund genius goes retail
Cliff Asness believes he has a better way for regular folks to invest. By Shawn Tully
New global hot spots for investors
Emerging markets can present investing opportunities. By Richard McGill Murphy
Mutual fund all-stars
Meet five who won big. Here's how they did it and what they like now. By Scott Cendrowski
Q&A: Playing it small - and safe
Wasatch Advisors' Jeff Cardon is a small-cap lifer who buys and holds.
Wealth adviser
Beware of amped-up ETFs - they may not work the way you expect. By Janice Revell
New guru on the block
Tough love from Ramit Sethi, Gen Y's favorite personal finance adviser. By Mina Kimes
What's next for Wall Street?
To thrive again, the big firms must first change in painful ways. By Geoff Colvin
The triumph of Blackstone
The soaring private equity giant has become more than a one-man show. By Katie Benner
The best and worst of Wall Street
A look back at the highs and lows of the past year in the financial markets.
Wal-Mart's Makeover: Marketing chief Stephen Quinn tells all about rebranding the world's largest company. Interview by Geoff Colvin
The man powering up GE
John Krenicki is the most important executive at GE's most important business. Could he run the whole company someday? By Beth Kowitt
Marketing magic
How Jack Daniel's, the Tennessee whiskey in the square bottle, became a global megabrand without losing its small-town authenticity. A Fortune book excerpt. By Jim Stengel
The untamable river trade
Barge operators wage a continual, chaotic, slow-motion battle of logistics. By Ken Otterbourg
By the numbers
Shoemaker Allen Edmonds exemplifies American craftsmanship.By Anne VanderMey
The briefing
Billionaires battle on the high seas, Lockheed's F-35 caught in a crossfire, and more.
Closer look
Why can't Europeans get along?By Pankaj Ghemawat
The best advice I ever got
Michael Moritz, Sequoia Capital's managing partner. Interview By Ellen Florian
Game changers
Car shopping: a better way? By David A. Kaplan
When supply chains break
Natural disasters have shown manufacturers how fragile those networks are. By Bill Powell
Personal tech gets down to work. By Richard Nieva
Extreme tablets for extreme jobs. By Michal Lev-Ram
Allan Sloan
Bill Miller had a great run. But did his investors?
John Cassidy
His forecast for the economy in 2012: cautiously ... optimistic.
Sheila Bair
What we need is a Volcker Rule that's simple and makes sense.