Table of Contents:VOL. 165, NO. 1 - January 16, 2012
Cover story
Fortune's guide to the future
Supercomputers that fit in your hand. Meat that grows in labs. Solar power -- from space. Welcome to the year 2022. It's a wild place. By Nina Easton
The office of tomorrow
Imagine a technology wonderland filled with cool toys like 3-D printers, hologram tables, and office windows that turn into media screens.
Why Ryan Seacrest is the future of media
The one-man brand produces TV, chats up stars, and woos advertisers. He's an emblem of where show biz is headed. By Daniel Roberts
A new vision for cities
As the world population expands, cities will have to transform. Here come foldable cars and flexible apartments. By Alex Konrad
The hottest tech gig of 2022: Data scientist
By the end of the decade, 50 billion devices will be emitting information nonstop. Data scientists will help manage it all. By Jessi Hempel
Four zany ideas that could come true
Big changes are coming to the way we bank, educate our kids, treat diseases, and eat.
Solving the energy challenge
Scientists around the globe are working on radical technologies, from 500-mile car batteries to solar farms in space. By Anne VanderMey and Stuart F. Brown
The all-American con man
The many lives of Barry Minkow: entrepreneur, fraud fighter, pastor, movie actor -- and serial swindler. By Roger Parloff
The education of governor Rick Scott
The scandal-tarred CEO turned Tea Party darling is learning that running a state isn't at all like running a company. By Tory Newmyer
By the numbers
The Metropolitan Opera's new act. By Shelley DuBois
Closer look
In the midst of the eurozone crisis, a ticking time bomb: the derivatives market. By Charles P. Wallace
The briefing
Fast food goes gluten-free, mining money on the moon, victims of auto-correct, and more.
The best advice I ever got
Sal Khan, founder and executive director of the Khan Academy. Interview by Ellen Florian
Campaign 2012
Mitt Romney means business. By David Whitford
Road Warrior
Citigroup's Wei Hopeman transcends time zones. By Scott Gummer
The wired doctor: Cloud-based systems can help physicians cut costs and mistakes. By Brian Dumaine
How we got started
Crate & Barrel founders Carole and Gordon Segal. Interview by Dinah Eng
Wall Street interview
Victor Khosla: seeking profits in Europe's woes. By Amy Feldman
The search for dividends
Mortgage REITs offer yields so lofty they're likely to fall. But they may have potential for investors. By Jon Birger
Geoff Colvin
Wall Street expects corporate miracles in 2012, and that means trouble.
Dan Primack
Congress is working to fix an imaginary IPO crisis.