Table of Contents:VOL. 165, NO. 2 - February 06, 2012
Cover story
The 100 Best Companies to Work For
Larry Page: The Fortune interview
In an exclusive Q&A, Google's co-founder and CEO explains how he built a No.1 workplace -- and why it matters. By Adam Lashinsky
Salesforce's happy workforce
Marc Benioff has the mind of a fox and the body of a bear. He's also a super salesman who's built a Bay Area giant that employees love for being prosperous and good. By David A. Kaplan
The 2012 list
For the 15th year, Fortune names the top workplaces in corporate America. The Best Companies plan to fill more than 70,000 jobs this year. By Milton Moskowitz and Robert Levering
The secrets Apple keeps
Undercover meetings! Stealth product developments! In his new book, Fortune senior editor-at-large Adam Lashinsky finds out what it's really like to work at Apple and how its secretive behavior pays off.
The solo economy
A record number of Americans now live by themselves -- and they spend $1.9 trillion per year. Businesses are beginning to take notice. By Eric Klinenberg
By the numbers
Southern Co. builds the first U.S. nuclear plant in 30 years. By Anne VanderMey
Closer look
Corn ethanol and the food-fuel dilemma. By Scott Cendrowski
The briefing
The super PACs behind the GO P, boosting employee brainpower, and more.
The best advice I ever got
Bob Rodriguez of First Pacific Advisors Interview by Ellen Florian
World's Most Admired Companies
Limited Brands (parent of Victoria's Secret) is rockin'. By Scott Cendrowski and Anne VanderMey
David vs. Goliath
How three small firms grew in the land of the giants. By Elaine Pofeldt
The real way to build a network
LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman explains how to do it right, in an excerpt from his new book, The Start-Up of You
Game Changers
Reid Hoffman has taken social networking to a new level, professionally and personally. By Jessi Hempel
Tiny polling site Wayin hopes to get a lift from presidential campaigns -- and co-founder Scott McNealy. By Miguel Helft
Why you shouldn't blame ETFs
Critics say the popular funds are causing stocks to swing wildly together. Is there proof? By Scott Cendrowski
Three ways to find yield
ETFs offer a wealth of smart options in the hunt for healthy dividends. By Amy Feldman
Wealth adviser
Becoming your kid's mortgage lender. By Janice Revell
Allan Sloan
One way to stimulate the economy: Have Wall Street bail out Main Street.
Geoff Colvin
Today's headlines reflect a world in chaos. That may be good news.
Sheila Bair
Why it's time to break up the "too big to fail" banks.
John Cassidy
Can "Super Mario" save Europe -- and America's economy too?