Table of Contents:VOL. 166, NO. 10 - December 24, 2012
Cover story
2013 Investor's Guide
There are many steps to managing your money wisely. A good way to start: a visit with the father of indexing, John Bogle. By Andy Serwer
Top picks from 15 star investors
Elite fund managers share their best stock ideas for 2013. By Ryan Derousseau, Amy Feldman, and Mina Kimes
What's an investor to do?
Despite market uncertainty, our panel of experts says there are plenty of ways to make a bundle. Interview by Geoff Colvin
Why investors are right to be obsessed with Apple stock
Loading up on the tech giant's shares has been a winning strategy. By Jon Birger
Too good to be true
Many investors don't trust Wall Street anymore, so they're putting money into exotic alternatives. The saga of two friends provides a window into a growing peril. By James Sterngold
Buying real estate in your IRA? Be careful
There's an upside to investing in property for the long haul. But beware the tax pitfalls. By Janice Revell
Meet the new queen of Wall Street
Irrepressible muni bond scion Alexandra Lebenthal is building a powerful new family firm. By Shawn Tully
A fund manager's faith produces results
Don Yacktman has led two of the world's fastest-growing stock funds while helping his daughter recover from a stroke. By Scott Cendrowski
Closer look
One company controls cheerleading. So how does it grow? By inventing a new sport. By Colleen Leahey
Marijuana's new market.
Real estate
Why U.S. private equity firms are quietly snapping up buildings in Europe at bargain prices. By Charles Wallace
Thought leaders
Why prosecutors' focus on the board's role in scandals is bad news. By Matt Friedrich and Faye Wattleton
Game Changer
The world's first large-scale biofuel farm goes online - but will it work in the long term? By Marc Gunther
Most Powerful Women
As GM's head of product development, Mary Barra is the highest-ranking woman in the auto industry. By Alex Taylor III
Fastest-Growing Companies
Grand Canyon operates the nation's only for-profit Christian university.By Richard McGill Murphy
A risky makeover of Adobe, the king of shrinkwrapped software, is starting to win over skeptics. By Kevin Kelleher
Apple dominates tablet sales. Now Microsoft is going after the iPad head-on. By JP Mangalindan
Diminutive smartphone chips will help power-hungry data centers cut down on costs. By Michal Lev-Ram
Brian Roberts, Comcast CEO
Interview by Geoff Colvin
Allan Sloan
Why you shouldn't buy my overpriced munis.
Sheila Bair
Why Republicans should help President Obama succeed.
Dan Primack
Private equity for individuals? It's coming.
Becky Quick
Can lawmakers find the courage to make the tax code fair to all?