Investor's Guide 2011

10 best stocks for 2011
Investors' fears that a bear market will return (and linger) has made for some bargains - and this group should thrive even if inflation returns. more
5 experts: Where to invest
In a post-recession world, you need serious experience to guide your portfolio. So we sat down with five pros who have the right guidance for these troubled times. more
Bruce Berkowitz: The megamind of Miami
He may be the most driven investor on earth. And now the founder of the $17 billion Fairholme Fund is making the boldest bet of his career. more
Have you caught gold fever?
Hedge funds, prospectors, even folks with a drawerful of old jewelry - they're all catching it. A dispatch from the zone of contagion. more
How to navigate the bond rout
A flood of money into fixed income drove once-stable bonds into bubble territory before starting to retreat this month. Here's how to adjust your strategy and protect your portfolio. more
6 stocks for a greener planet
Solar, wind, and other green stocks got hammered in the downturn. Now might be a great time to buy. more
4 high-dividend stocks
Looking for cash flow and worried about a bond bubble? Your best bet might be high-dividend stocks, which offer much better value right now than fixed-income alternatives. more
How global should you go?
Most investors still don't have enough international stocks - especially those from emerging markets - in their portfolios. more
3 small funds to watch
Who says that bigger is better? Attractive returns can come in portfolios of all sizes. We found a handful of small funds that pack a big punch. more