100 Fastest-growing companies


Corporate America's supercharged performers

And the winners are...
Even in a turbulent market, some companies are still enjoying exhilarating growth spurts. A stunning 37 of this year's fast-growers come from the energy sector, while some seemingly fleeting trends - like energy drinks - proved to have surprising staying power. (more)
6. Apple

NutriSystem's fat growth
Americans' bulging waistlines have helped push this 35-year-old diet company to the top of Fortune's list this year. (more) video
Fast growers in your state
Texas is home to the most companies on this year's list. See the fastest-growing companies near you (including interactive maps). (more)
ï Texas
ï New York

10 investments poised to soar
Here are 7 stocks likely to rise steadily and reliably even in today's turbulent markets, and 3 mutual funds that offer growth potential with less risk. (more)
Giants on the move
15 of the companies on this year's list are also big enough to rank on the FORTUNE 500. (more)

Most profit growth
A Houston-based oil driller enjoyed a whopping 522% 3-year annual EPS growth rate, as strong demand allowed the company to raise its rates. See other top performers: (more)

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How we pick the Fastest-Growing
To qualify for this year's listing, a company must be incorporated in the U.SÖ and have posted a compound annual growth in revenue and earnings per share of at least 25% annually over the three years ended on or before May 31, 2007.... (more)