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17. Zhongpin
Rank: 17 (Previous rank: N.A.)
CEO: Xianfu Zhu
Address: 21 Changshe Rd.
Changge City, China
Zhongpin is a Chinese meat producer with a passion for pork. It sold nearly 400,000 tons of "the other white meat" last year. As more middle-class Chinese switch to buying frozen and processed food in supermarkets instead of fresh meat on street markets, Zhongpin has expanded its offerings to include bacon, breakfast sausages and sliced deli meats.

The company also works with local farmers to produce and distribute frozen fruits and vegetables. Three-year annualized revenues rose 70% on sales to Chinese supermarkets, school cafeterias, fast food chains and other customers.


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  $ millions
(past 4 qtrs.)
% growth
(3 yr. annual rate)
Growth rank
Revenues** 776.5 70 10
Net income** 49.1 ó ó
Total return ó 9 62
Earnings per share ó 80 24
Share price  
As of 8/4/10 $15.21
Beat the S&P 500* Yes
P/E (current fiscal year est.) 9
Industry: Food
Industry rank Company Fastest-Growing
($ millions)
1 Green Mountain Coffee Roasters 2 1,087.0
2 Zhongpin 17 776.5
3 Medifast 29 191.6
4 Cal-Maine Foods 44 901.7
5 Ralcorp Holdings 75 3,934.1
From the September 6, 2010 issue.
* Through June 30, 2010. The S&P 500 returned -9.81% annually over the same period.
** Through the quarter ended on or before April 30, 2010.
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