An icon's second act
Ah, retirement. For Bill Gates, it will mean time to kick back, relax, and rethink philanthropy, learn biochemistry, eradicate malaria, and develop drought-resistant crops. more

Gates looks back
Bill Gates gave Fortune magazine exclusive access to some rare photos from the Microsoft archives - and shared his memories about them. more
The end of an era
The biggest challenge for Microsoft isnít replacing founder Bill Gates. It will be much trickier for CEO Steve Ballmer to tackle growth, Google - and those pesky Apple ads. more
Gates' 4 golden rules
Bill Gates may walk out the door on July 1, but he leaves a lasting impression. These are four of his core beliefs that are likely to carry on at the company he founded. more
  • Gates goes to China
    Fortune sent Photographer Paolo Pellegrin to tag along with Bill Gates on a 4-day visit in April, during which the Microsoft chairman was celebrated -- and had reason to celebrate. more
  • How I Work: Bill Gates
    Not much of a paper chase for Microsoft's chairman, who uses a range of digital tools to do business. more
  • Microsoft's new brain
    Microsoft is in crisis, so Bill Gates has unleashed his new hire, software genius Ray Ozzie, to remake the company. more
Charting Gates' Microsoft stake
See how the Microsoft founder's company holdings have fared over the years.   more