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ABB Industrial and Farm Equipment 5.65
Abbott Laboratories Pharmaceuticals 6.61
ABN Amro Holding Mega Banks 4.97
ACS Engineering, Construction 5.86
Aegon Insurance: Life and Health 5.31
AEON Food and Drug Stores 5.91
Air France-KLM Group Airlines 5.22
Aisin Seiki Motor Vehicle Parts 5.77
Aker Industrial and Farm Equipment 5.35
Akzo Nobel Chemicals 4.13
Alcan Metals 7.94
Alcoa Metals 6.78
All Nippon Airways Airlines 5.15
Allianz Insurance: Property and Casualty 5.85
Allstate Insurance: Property and Casualty 6.41
Alstom Industrial and Farm Equipment 5.19
American Electric Power Energy 5.85
American International Group Insurance: Property and Casualty 6.66
American Standard Industrial and Farm Equipment 5.51
Amgen Pharmaceuticals 6.62
AMR Airlines 5.10
Anglo American Mining, Crude-Oil Production 5.10
Anheuser-Busch Beverages 8.17
Apple Computers 7.45
Arcelor Metals 6.41
Areva Energy 6.21
Asahi Breweries Beverages 3.46
Asahi Kasei Chemicals 3.65
Assicurazioni Generali Insurance: Life and Health 4.36
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals 6.00
AT&T Telecommunications 6.74
Aviva Insurance: Life and Health 4.48
Avon Products Household and Personal Products 5.65
AXA Insurance: Life and Health 5.75
From the March 19, 2007 issue
How the countries stack up
United States 135
Japan 61
Britain 26
France 26
Germany 26
Most admired for people management
Procter & Gamble U.S.
FedEx U.S.
General Electric U.S.
Most admired for innovation
Apple U.S.
FedEx U.S.
Walt Disney U.S.
Industry champions
Tesco Food and Drug Stores
Nestlé Consumer Food Products
Bank of America Mega Banks
How we pick the World's Most Admired companies
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