Going Green

10 green giants
These companies have gone beyond what the law requires to operate in an environmentally responsible way. (more)

Chemical reaction
From gunpowder to polymers, DuPont has survived by adapting. Now the company is in the midst of its most audacious transformation. The goal: to improve the environment and make a fortune doing it. (more)

Patagonia: Blueprint for green business
The story of how Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard took his passion for the outdoors and turned it into an amazing business. (more)

California dreamin'
When Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected governor in 2003, the environment was not high on his agenda. Now it is. That matters, because where California goes, the rest of the country just may follow. (more)

Eco Manor Find out what it takes to create a green home. Fortune Magazine profiles a couple who built their dream home from the ground up. (more)
Stop and listen to the garbage Contemplate the future of waste and the promise of processing. (more)
Saving the world - one plastic bag at a time Government, environmentalists and even a few businesses want to put an end to plastic pollution, says Fortune's Marc Gunther. (more)
Michael Dell and his company will now recycle your computer hardware for free -- even if you're not buying anything new from Dell. (more)
Lighting is a $40 billion-a-year business, and getting the world to switch bulbs is a formidable task. Fortune's Marc Gunther lights up the race for a better bulb. (more)