The Top Companies for Leaders 2007

We spanned the globe to find the top companies for leaders.

And the winners are...
Fortune worked with human resources consultants Hewitt Associates and RBL Group to rank the world's companies that do the best job of developing strong leaders. (more)
7. McKinsey
3. Nokia
8. IBM

Inside GE's success
Since Jack Welch's days, GE has steadily produced stellar leaders sending it to the top of Fortune's list of Top Companies for Leaders. (more) video
How top companies breed stars
Your competition can copy every advantage you've got - except one. That's why the world's best companies are realizing that no matter what business they're in, their real business is building leaders. (more)
Are you a good leader?
Think you have the skills it takes to succeed as a leader? Take our quiz and find out if a climb to the top is in your future. (more)
What Catherine the Great can teach CEOs
Bestselling author Jay Winik tells Fortune's Nina Easton what today's corporate chiefs can learn from great leaders of the past. (more)
Amex's Chenault: I chose to lead The key to Ken Chenault's plans for American Express: Industrial-strength candor. (more)
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How we picked the Top Companies for Leaders
To select the Top Companies for Leaders, Hewitt Associates and its research partners Fortune and The RBL Group surveyed human resources executives around the world. The study was open to organizations of any type (public, private, or nonprofit) from any location, with revenues of any size. (more)