The Fast Lane
Fall fashion takes on a whole new meaning with these outrageously cool custom cars, seriously stylish auto-inspired gear and much more.

Bespoke Beauties
These high-powered sculptures are hand-built from the ground up for drivers who crave extreme performance, unique design and detailed workmanship. (more)

The ultimate car guy
Bentley chairman and CEO Frantz-Josef Paefgen hails from Germany - but his automotive heart is terribly British. (more)

Auto shop
Gone are the days of cheap and cheerful key chains, caps, and t-shirts. Welcome to truly chic, covetable items from luxury carmakers. (more)

The lap of luxury
At a brand new resort in Georgia, homeowners get all the perks of a posh private club, but racing takes center stage. (more)

Body doubles
Some people see top-of-the-line models from luxury carmakers like Mercedes and BMW as a canvas for custom bodywork, upgraded interiors, and enhanced performance. (more)