And the winners are...
Think of it as a popularity contest for companies. Each year, research firm Universum surveys MBA candidates on where they'd most like to work. See the exclusive list, including detailed profiles of the top 25. (more)
1. Google
6. Apple
7. Microsoft
9. Nike
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Top 25 cities
Where in the world do new MBA grads most want to work? See the highest-ranked U.S. and international places. (more)
Most popular with women
Do women MBAs prefer to work at Nike, Google or Microsoft? The results may surprise you. See the top 100 employers, as rated by female B-school students. (more)
Big paychecks
What do MBA candidates think they'll make after graduation -- and five years later? See salary expectations, with breakouts for women, men, and by industry. (more)

100 Top MBA employers 

Companies where MBA candidates say they'd most like to work

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