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HTCís Google Nexus One smartphone runs on Googleís Android platform.
Top 50 rank: 2
Rank in Internet Services and Retailing: 1
(Previous rank: 1)
Overall score: 7.70
Why it's admired
Google is increasingly squaring off against Apple, so it's fitting that the search engine giant climbs into the no. 2 slot this year, notably edging past Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway. The tech behemoth -- its revenues were $23.6 billion last year -- continues to dominate search on the web and attract the smartest designers and engineers. Meanwhile YouTube, long disparaged by critics as a money-loser, has started showing signs of major growth potential and analysts expect it will become profitable in the coming year.But all eyes are on the Android OS for smartphones, to see how seriously it will challenge Apple's iPhone in the hotly competitive world of mobile devices. Watch this space next year. --C.T.

Should Google be admired, or what?
Google stats
Nine key attributes of reputation Industry rank
Innovation 1
People management 1
Use of corporate assets 4
Social responsibility 2
Quality of management 2
Financial soundness 1
Long-term investment 1
Quality of products/services 1
Global competitiveness 1
Most Admired
1 Google 7.70
2 Amazon.com 7.39
3 IAC/InterActiveCorp 6.54
4 Yahoo! 6.45
Rank Company Overall score
5 eBay 6.03
6 Expedia 5.86
7 Priceline.com 5.54
8 Liberty Media 5.17
From the March 22, 2010 issue
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Mountain View, CA 94043
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 People management  Financial soundness
 Use of corporate assets  Long-term investment
 Social responsibility  Product/services quality
 Global competitiveness  


Company Industry rank
Apple 1
Google 1
Nike 1
Company Industry rank
Goldman Sachs Group 1
Apple 1
Company Industry rank
Exxon Mobil 1
Google 1
Intel 1
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