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Procter & Gamble
Procter & Gamble
Top 50 rank: 6
Rank in Soaps and Cosmetics: 1
(Previous rank: 1)
Overall score: 7.94
Why it's admired
In one of the most-watched CEO handoffs ever, Robert McDonald took the reins from mentor A.G. Lafley in July. Under Lafley, the conglomerate was admired for its innovation and focus on the consumer. Now, new CEO McDonald has announced plans to introduce dozens of new lower-cost products in the U.S. and abroad, hoping to capitalize on recession-weary shoppers looking for discounts. The company has innovated in the recession, too, introducing products like a new $45 skin care line under the Olay brand and higher-end diapers in Europe.McDonald told Fortune that when it comes to earning the respect of the business community, though, the traits he thinks are most important are predictability and consistency. "I often joke, if you call me a boring leaderÖ. That's a compliment." --C.T.

Should Procter & Gamble be admired, or what?
Procter & Gamble stats
Nine key attributes of reputation Industry rank
Innovation 1
People management 1
Use of corporate assets 1
Social responsibility 1
Quality of management 1
Financial soundness 1
Long-term investment 1
Quality of products/services 1
Global competitiveness 1
Most Admired
1 Procter & Gamble 7.94
2 Colgate-Palmolive 7.15
3 Reckitt Benckiser Group 7.13
4 L'Oréal 6.86
5 Beiersdorf 6.19
6 Estée Lauder 6.15
Rank Company Overall score
7 Kimberly-Clark 6.09
8 Avon Products 5.86
9 Henkel 5.79
10 Clorox 5.70
11 Kao 5.58
From the March 22, 2010 issue
1 Procter & Gamble Plaza
Cincinnati, OH 45202
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Company Industry rank
Apple 1
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