FORTUNE 50 Most Powerful Women in Business 
FORTUNE's annual ranking of America's leading businesswomen

25 Highest-paid
Twelve of the Most Powerful Women are also among the best-compensated, including eBay's Meg Whitman, who took home a cool $11 million. Which corporate women raked in even more last year? (more)

6 CEOs-to-be
These executives, all on this year's list, are clearly capable of leading a major company someday. (more)

Young and powerful
Half the women on this year's list are 50 or younger, including 42-year-old Sallie Krawcheck. See the Power 50 sorted by age. (more)

100 years of power
From Mary Pickford to Carly Fiorina, the most powerful businesswomen by decade. (more)

50 Global leaders
See which women executives are on top of the world. (more)

Women make up only one out of six company directors. Does that affect corporate performance? (more)
The biggest problem for Wal-Mart and others facing job discrimination suits isn't their policies, it's their managers' unwitting preferences. (more)
After saving Xerox, Anne Mulcahy and Ursula Burns face a new challenge: sharing power and surviving succession. (more)
Can CEO Angela Ahrendts supercharge the brand whose ubiquitous check has lost its cachet? (more)
In honor of our 10th edition of the Most Powerful Women list, here are highlights of Fortune's coverage from 1985 to today. (more)
A 50-something reader who found she couldn't 'have it all' asks Fortune's Anne Fisher if her daughter can expect better career rewards. (more)
The executives on our Most Powerful Women list got where they are by making gutsy moves. Do you have the nerve to succeed? (more)