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Fortune's new book: Amazing tales of scandal that shocked the world
For almost 80 years, one of Fortuneís strong suits has been in-depth reporting on the rogues of the business world. In a new book, Scandal!, Fortune offers 20 tales drawn from the pages of the magazine on modern historyís greatest business scandals - and how they went on to shape the modern economy.

The Swedish match king In the late 1920s, Ivar Kreuger was known as the savior of Europe. A month after his death in 1932, he was known as its greatest swindler. Read the 1933 excerpt from Archibald MacLeishís story in Scandal! More
Madoff in Multimedia: The (Im)Perfect Crime
By James Bandler and Nicholas Varchaver
Bernie is behind bars, and he isn't talking. But a special interactive report from Fortune and FlypMedia explores the secrets of his massive swindle. more
The Scandal Quiz
How well do you know your business-scandal rogues? Take this test to see if you qualify for a lush tax haven or the bottom bunk in Bernie Madoff's cell. more

Scandal videos

The secrets of Madoff's massive swindle. more