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New iPhone no threat to the Flip camcorder 12:37pm: Apple's iPhone 3GS has video capabilities, but Cisco's Flip still dominates point-and-shoot camcorders. More
Jul 14: U.K.-based Betfair is betting that the U.S. market will be legalized sooner rather than later. More
Jul 10: An Intel survey reveals outlandish user behavior on phones and laptops. How will the rest of us get any peace? More
Jul 9: Members-only shopping site Gilt Groupe gets VC funding, sparking questions about its next move. More
Jul 8: Google's new OS could spell trouble for Microsoft, but will Chrome really shine? More
Jul 7: The once-hot site is undergoing a major upgrade to keep pace with Facebook and Twitter. Will users dig it once again? More
Jul 6: Smartphone applications are hot, but so far they're small potatoes. Will these software programs produce an eBay or Amazon equivalent? More
Jul 2: Biotech firm Illumina will sequence your entire genetic code -- and throw in a Mac -- for $48,000. More
Jul 1: Search engines are cropping up to sift through constantly updated sites like Twitter, Flickr, and blogs, but they still have a long way to go. More
Jun 30: The maker of graphics chips enters the mobile fray. Can it trump Intel, Qualcomm and others betting big on wireless devices? More
Jun 29: Start-ups and computer giants hope touchscreens are path to tech gold. More
Jun 26: The state thinks it can save money using online tools, but critics are wary of e-learning on the cheap. More
Jun 25: Chinese telecom-gear makers Huawei and ZTE have already conquered Africa and Asia. Next stop: Latin America. More
Jun 24: The company rakes in cash every time someone else builds a wireless device. No wonder CEO Paul Jacobs wants to put a phone in every conceivable gadget. More
Jun 23: Silver Spring Networks' technology helps power companies gather intelligence about their users,­ making utilities smarter, and greener, in the process. More
Jun 22: The tech giant looks for ways to make high-speed trains smarter, safer and more efficient. More
Jun 19: The conglomerate is providing financing to help sell its health care technology. But is its GE Centricity product what the doctor ordered? More
Jun 18: It's a contrarian view, but if new management takes some risks, the site can be revived. More
Jun 16: Amid controversies over embryonic stem cell research, drugs using adult cells are already bearing fruit. More
Jun 15: The handset rocks, but the wireless industry isn't so hot on adopting another mobile operating system. More
Jun 12: Surprise: Sites like aren't just appealing because they're free. In fact, we'll probably end up paying for them. More
Jun 11: San Francisco start-up creates an online version of Bethpage that lets fans "play" the U.S. Open. More
Jun 10: A new crop of smart phones is sure to erode the iPhone's profit margins. How will Apple respond? More
Jun 9: Despite the recession, South Korean electronics maker launches slick new LED televisions, but backs away from upscale 'Luxia' branding. More
Jun 8: What consumers search for, and how they do it, tends to mirror their financial health. Advertisers are taking note. More
Jun 4: Internet Week brings entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and optimists to otherwise glum financial capital. More
Jun 3: The flash memory maker is second fiddle to Apple in MP3 players, but its Sansa creates buzz for its core product. More
Jun 2: How wireless networks are transforming an ancient profession. More
Jun 1: Copier maker defies tough economy by offering a premium product. More
May 29: Manufacturers are experimenting with aroma infusions that can trick our brains into thinking we are tasting certain flavors. More
May 28: The execs at the AllThingsD tech conference are at a strategic crossroads. More
May 27: Think food distribution is a low-tech enterprise? Just try getting perishables across the country without sophisticated software and systems. More
May 26: Financier Alexander Tamas explains the logic behind Digital Sky Technologies' $200 million investment in Web site. More
May 26: The beleaguered handset maker says its new smartphone, the Pre, is an iPhone killer. Apple isn't laughing. More
May 20: Studies show the genders really are different online. More
May 19: Once thought impervious to downturn, electronic games feel some pain. More
May 18: Leonsis-backed start-up wants users, not studios, to distribute documentaries. More
May 15: As the software giant's CEO goes solo, he faces troubling times. More
May 14: Startup Boxee lets consumers watch web videos on their TVs. So why are some networks and studios fighting it? More
May 13: Software developers are making pilgrimages to Cupertino to plead for prime placement on the iPhone App Store. But Apple's selection process remains a bit of a mystery. More
May 12: Big Blue's software strategy chief says IBM will stick to its knitting. More
May 11: Studies suggest cholesterol drug could help fight the worst consequences of influenza. More
May 8: The house call isn't dead - it's just gone online. How doctors are using the Internet to take the hassle out of health care. More
May 7: The search giant says competition is "a click away." So what if it hasn't materialized? More
May 6: Tech companies push "telepresence" videoconferences as substitute for air travel, but prices deter widespread adoption. More
May 5: What US tech companies can learn about innovation from abroad. Hint: it isn't just about cheap labor. More
May 1: With a new ad campaign and business-oriented downloads, the iPhone maker targets company owners and entrepreneurs. More
Apr 30: Apple's Steve Jobs isn't the only chief executive without a publicly announced plan for passing the torch. Surprisingly few technology CEOs have declared heirs. More
Apr 29: The software giant thinks it can make money in social networking the old-fashioned way - charging subscription fees. More
Apr 28: Peer-to-peer lender is back in business. More
Apr 27: The proposed merger will bring layoffs and new competitive battles for Silicon Valley's biggest players. More
Apr 24: With expectations of cutting energy costs up to 40 percent, the city unveils plan for a "smart light" system. More
Apr 23: Founder, CEO DeWolfe is out. What will Murdoch's digital chief Jon Miller do now? More
Apr 22: Broadband survey suggests consumers in the hinterlands will get top-of-the-line Internet technology -- if operators can get their hands on stimulus money. More
Apr 21: Thanks to Google we navigate the Web with words. A group of upstarts wants to make search more visual. More
Apr 20: Bernard Marcus sees enormous potential in the science of the small. More
Apr 17: Natural language processing helps convert physicians' verbal instructions into electronic records. More
Apr 16: Carol Bartz is shrewd, strong-minded, blunt, and disciplined. (Don't even think about leaking company information!) But can this no-nonsense tech veteran come up with a plan to save Yahoo? More
Apr 15: The social networking site is still growing -- but that also means serious growing pains. More
Apr 14: A growing number of companies are letting employees choose and manage their work PCs. But this new corporate perk is also (surprise!) a way to cut technology costs. More
Apr 13: Thanks to downloadable applications, the mobile Web is hot. Will it eventually surpass its wired counterpart? More
Apr 10: Software maker Ariba helps Fortune 500 companies suss out waste, cut costs. More
Apr 9: Vivendi's music unit and Google's Youtube are teaming up to create a 'premium' music-video site. More
Apr 9: Start-up hopefuls find a friendlier business environment in the U.S. than in their homeland, which favors larger employers. More
Apr 8: The "Web toy" is hot. Who cares how Twitter will make money? More
Apr 6: A tool that scans the veins in your hand will find your electronic health records, and they'll follow you around the hospital. More
Apr 3: The White House wants to upgrade technology at the nation's hospitals. Perhaps it needs to start closer to home. More
Apr 1: The White House wants to upgrade technology at the nation's hospitals. Perhaps it needs to start closer to home. More
Apr 1: For Google and others, the prankster's holiday is an annual ritual of "gotcha" product and service announcements. More
Apr 1: Ian Bogost's iPhone game mirrors real life. But is it any fun? More
Apr 1: A new breed of idealistic technologist is building ultracheap baby incubators, medicine dispensers, and solar-powered lamps. Welcome to entrepreneurship circa 2009. More
Mar 31: Investigators are gearing up for the day Twitter and Facebook become tools for financial wrongdoing. More
Mar 30: The mobile industry's big trade show will see applications trump devices. But what will Skype on a cell phone mean for the carriers? More
Mar 27: Fed agencies square off on how to spend $7 billion to bring the Net to 'unserved' areas. Let the squabbling begin. More
Mar 26: New technology threatens to upend the genetic research market. At stake - the way scientists look for treatments and cures. More
Mar 25: AllMyFaves and others like it aim to displace search engines by making it easier to find interesting and useful content online. More
Mar 24: With more job seekers on the prowl, LinkedIn's traffic has doubled and its multiple revenue streams have turned into profit. Take that, Facebook and Twitter. More
Mar 23: Non-profit plans to launch system of small loans in the U.S. More
Mar 20: The same technology that makes images pop off movie screens now helps corporations design models, build objects - even manage employees. More
Mar 19: Wireless pioneer backs news aggregator 1Cast. Can the Web video site reverse his losing streak? More
Mar 18: Upstart Fugoo makes gear that turns toasters, alarm clocks, coffeemakers -- anything -- into 'Net appliances. More
Mar 17: New finance chief Pichette has few Web credentials - but a lot of experience cutting costs. More
Mar 16: E-commerce startup Modista puts the browsing into online shopping. More
Mar 13: Time Warner recruits search giant's top sales executive to fix its ailing online unit. More
Mar 12: Upstart Paymo, with the help of wireless carriers, aims to help U.S. consumers make mobile payments. More
Mar 11: Technology companies are positioning themselves to profit from stimulus packages around the world. More
Mar 10: New survey and statistics show older women embracing personal technology. More
Mar 9: Can NeuStar become as essential to the Net as it is to phones? More
Mar 6: Bell Canada's purchase of Circuit City's Canadian operations brings distribution -- and possible headaches. More
Mar 5: With Facebook soaring, and top talent leaving, News Corp.'s social network needs answers. More
Mar 3: The networking titan thinks it can take on IBM, HP, and Dell selling servers. The ball is in CEO John Chambers' court. More
Mar 2: Tax season, belt tightening drive consumers to the Web to manage spending. More
Mar 2: Mint founder Aaron Patzer's advice on managing money in the downturn. More
Feb 27: A drop in sales to its core business customers has left Dell with weak revenue and the need for a new game plan. More
Feb 26: Can ultra-slim PCs and netbooks help the company get its groove back? More
Feb 25: Big tech firms are hiring social scientists to help them figure out the changing landscape. More
Feb 24: Internet video sharing site tries to serve fans and networks alike. It isn't easy. More
Feb 23: Qualcomm founder Irwin Jacobs wants smartphones in the classroom, and after school, to help make kids smarter. More
Feb 20: Big Pharma experiments with nanotechnology to address counterfeiting. More
Feb 18: DVD delivery company still growing even as more moviegoers watch films and TV shows online. More